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Domain Name System

What Is DNS

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a network service that translates human readable computer names (domain names) into network addresses (IP address).

There are two DNS services available with pfSense, a DNS Forwarder (DNSMasq) and a DNS Resolver (Unbound), but for this project a third option will be installed and configured.


BIND provides the ability to properly configure CNAME records, which will be used here to enforce Search Engine "SafeSearch" for Bing, Google and YouTube…

Want to learn more about BIND.

Adding BIND DNS Server

BIND is available as an "add-on" package for pfSense.
  • Navigate to System and select Package Manager.
  • Select Available Packages and search for bind.
  • Select Install.
Configuring DNS

After the BIND package is installed move on to DNS Configuration.

Enforcing SafeSearch

After the BIND package is installed and configured move on to DNS SafeSearch.