Just two keys…

Basic Security for Every iOS Device…
This level covers keeping the firmware and software up-to-date, and restricting unauthorised access…
Update Firmware - ensure the latest version is installed…

  • Settings
  • General
  • Software Update
Reference: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4623

Keeping the Firmware up-to-date will ensure any known vulnerabilities are mitigated.

Enable Automatic Downloads for App Updates
- ensure the latest versions are installed…

  • Settings
  • iTunes & App Stores
  • Turn Updates On (found in the automatic downloads section)
  • Consider turning Use Mobile Data Off, depending on your Mobile data plan.
Keeping Apps up-to-date will ensure any included security fixes are applied.

Configure a Passcode
- control access to the device…

  • Settings
  • Touch ID & Passcode
  • Turn Passcode On
  • Enter a passcode
  • Verify passcode
Use a minimum of six digits, preferably select Passcode Options and select Custom Alphanumeric Code then create an eight character or more passcode.

There are 10,000 possible combinations for a for digit code and 1,000,000 for a six digit code.

Configure Touch ID - control access to the device…

  • Settings
  • Touch ID & Passcode
  • Add a Fingerprint (from the hand used most)
  • Follow the prompts…
  • Add a Fingerprint (a second print from the other hand)
  • Follow the prompts…
  • Leave iPhone Unlock turned On
The probability that a random person could unlock the device with Touch ID is 1 in 50,000 (better than a four digit PIN but not as good as a six digit PIN).

Configure Set Auto-Lock - reduce the period for unauthorised access…

  • Settings
  • Display & Brightness
  • Auto-Lock
  • Select an auto-lock time of 2 minutes or less (select ’30 seconds’ for example)
Setting a shorter auto-lock time has two benefits, it saves battery life and reduces the time anybody can access the device.

Enable Find My iPhone/iPad
- increase the chance of finding a lost or stolen device…

  • Settings
  • iCloud
  • Turn Find My iPhone (or iPad) On
  • Select OK
  • Turn Send Last Location On
Turning Find My iPhone (or iPad) on enables the ability to track, send messages to and remote wipe a lost device.
Reference: http://www.apple.com/icloud/find-my-iphone.html

Configure a SIM PIN
- control access to the SIM…

  • Settings
  • Phone
  • Turn SIM PIN On
  • Enter the SIM PIN
Turning SIM PIN on prevents unauthorised use of the SIM in another device if it’s lost or stolen.


  • The settings above are available in iOS 11.4, they may or may not be available in other versions…

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